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3 possible reasons for child support modification

As parents, you and your ex-spouse have a responsibility to support your children and provide for their needs until they become self-supporting. In your divorce decree, the court orders you to pay a certain amount in child support per month as part of the fulfillment of this responsibility. 

However, circumstances may arise that make the original order inappropriate. Such circumstances may affect either you or your child. If you experience a change in circumstances such as the following, you and/or your ex-spouse may be able to request a modification to the child support order. 

1. Medical or special needs

Your child may have an increase in special needs due to a medical condition or change in health status. In that scenario, you may have to pay more in child support. Conversely, your child’s condition could improve to the point where his or her special needs could decrease. In this scenario, you could request a modification to pay less in child support. 

2. Job loss

You may request a modification to pay less in child support if you experience a significant decrease in income. This may occur because you lose your job or work fewer hours. After the loss of your job, you may have to take another that does not pay as much. Even if you continue working the same job but see a decrease in your pay for one reason or another. 

3. Income spike

On the other hand, you may find a higher-paying job, get a promotion or receive a raise at your existing position. If this is the case, the court may order you to pay more in child support. Your ex-spouse may be the one to make the request for the modification to the court.