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Parents should consider different 50/50 schedules

Texas parents will usually opt for a traditional custody schedule when they split custodial time down the middle, meaning they will alternate weeks between the parents’ homes. However, this may not be in the best interests of the children. As a result, parents should be flexible when they are figuring out the custody schedule that works best.

The main problem with the alternating weeks schedule is that the children need to spend an entire week away from one of their parents. Psychologically, this could have some negative effects as the kids may begin to develop separation anxiety. It may also harm their relationship with one or both of their parents as the kids could distance themselves from the parents as a defense mechanism.

Moreover, the alternating weeks schedule may be difficult logistically. First, if the parents have a contentious relationship, this schedule will require a lot of communication between the parents. For working parents, it could also be tough to get the needed flexibility from their job as some employers may not let them change hours to accommodate the children’s transportation. Accordingly, experts are now recommending a different type of schedule. Their new guidance is that the children should rotate more often between the parents’ homes while still maintaining an even split of the custodial time.

This type of schedule may take some effort to get both parents to embrace since it not the traditional kind of arrangement. A parent may consult with a family law attorney to figure out how to best negotiate this schedule. Some back-and-forth between the parties may be necessary. The attorney might try to work with the other parent and their attorney to make changes to an existing schedule if it is better for the children.