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What to bring to the initial consultation with an attorney

Considering a split from your spouse is much different from filing for divorce. Texas is a no-fault state, so courts typically grant the request. However, there are many considerations before beginning the process. Many people find that a consultation with an attorney can help bring clarity to what they want and need from the next step. 

According to Worthy, preparing for the meeting can help you make the most of your appointment. Although you may focus on extricating yourself from the marriage, thinking ahead to what you want your life to look like afterward can help you determine goals. Long-term emotional and financial stability tops most people’s lists. If abuse or addiction plays a role in the split safety is also a factor, especially if you have children. 

Create lists of assets and liabilities. On one, list all financial accounts that you and your spouse have, including retirement and investment accounts, as well as their balance. Itemize your credit accounts, including the mortgage, personal and auto loans. Note the balance, monthly payment and the debtor name. If you seek spousal or child support, bring current pay stubs and copies of tax returns from the last few years. 

While each divorce is as unique as the couple going through the process, these items can help you understand how your divorce may unfold. They may also help you determine whether moving forward is the right step. When presented with the enormity of this decision, you may choose a different option. You may also conclude that divorce is the best next step. Either way, you have the information necessary for an informed decision.