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Legal problems are Real Problems that can disrupt and destroy an individual's everyday way of life. Whether it is misdemeanor criminal charges or a complex child custody battle, Eggleston Law Firm has experience handling criminal and family law matters throughout Central Texas. We are focused on providing the ultimate in professionalism, efficiency and accessibility to every client we serve. Our goal in every case is 100% client satisfaction.

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We believe that communication is vital to the attorney/client relationship. Whether we are handling your divorce or child custody case, you can expect to be consistently kept informed on the status of your case. Whether we are representing you in a misdemeanor possession case, defending you against a felony DWI case, or other criminal charges, we are committed to providing the information you need to make smart, effective decisions regarding your case.

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At Eggleston Law Firm, we understand that not everybody is able to meet with their attorneys during normal business hours. As a convenience for our busy clients, we offer evening and weekend appointments. We also realize that is may be best for our clients to meet at a mutually convenient location that may be close to home, work, or school. Contact our office and let us know the most convenient way for you to schedule a free initial consultation.

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